About Us

We create the security

Keys and locks are important necessities to protect life and property.

We, Clover Co., Ltd., deliver safety and security with a four-leaf clover logo on all our products, wishing our customers happiness.

We manufacture a variety of products relative to duplicate keys, such as blank keys (duplicate keys before being cut), fashion keys (duplicate keys for decoration), and key cutting machines at our factory in Osaka to supply them to DIY shops and locksmiths nationwide. We also manufacture cylinder locks, dial type number locks for steel furniture such as lockers and cabinets, and various special locks on an OEM basis.

We have earned the trust of our customers across the country with our unique production facilities and traceable production and quality control systems.

We offer a wide range of services from prototypes and small-lot production to OEM production, including product design, various tests, and inspection tests based on any particular criteria as per your requests.

We have a specialized shipping operation to ensure reliable delivery of our products to our customers.

We have three locations throughout Japan – Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka – to provide services such as inspection, repair and replacement of your machines and our products.

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