Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We always keep in mind the spirit of “Shiho Yoshi (Four Way Goodness)”, and think about the happiness of our customers, users, subcontractors and all employees and put sincerity into all our work. Our goal is to run a sustainable business by creating and providing safe, reliable, better products and considerate services.

We always put “people” at the center of our business, and with safety and security as our first priority, we strive to help people live healthy and peaceful lives, as well as to help each other to overcome difficulties and hardships by cooperating in a circle.

Management Policy

Work that makes people happy – We are proud of our products that are a pleasure to make and a pleasure to use.
We will make sure to take care of the “unnoticeable things”.
We value our encounters and pay our attention to what is going on around us.
We place importance on the growth of people and strive to develop human resources so that we can grow together.

Our Core Spirit of Improvement

Abandon fixed concepts of how to think, how to do things, and how to make things. Think about how you do, rather than giving reasons why you cannot.
Immediately implement what is good and immediately eliminate what is bad. If you make a mistake or error, correct it immediately and apologize honestly. Don’t be afraid of failure, but pursue your dreams and take on challenges.
Never be satisfied with the status quo, but make endless improvements.

President and Representative Director Kenta Nakai

Founder: Hatsuo Nakai
Founded on April 1, 1959
Established on December 17, 1971

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